About the AVCC

The Australian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce (SA) Incorporated - AVCC - is a not for profit association incorporated in South Australia to promote trade opportunities between Vietnam and Australia. With a specific focus on South Australia we aim to develop and strengthen trade, cultural understanding and share advice and information for the benefit of members in Australia and Vietnam.

Our History

Established in 1994 AVCC is currently embarking on renewed activities to identify opportunities for businesses in Australia wishing to trade with the fast developing Vietnamese economy. Our membership comprises Australian and Vietnamese businesses and provides a vital link in building strong relationships. We have personnel who have a comprehensive understanding of the Vietnamese market with members who are based in Vietnam and doing business there. Understanding the culture and structure of Vietnamese business and the associated government regulations operating in the market is crucial to success

Vietnam offers an exciting range of opportunities for Australian business. While exports of goods and services are front of mind, opportunities also exist to invest in industries and services. Occupational training, agricultural processing, tourism are but a few of the “pathfinder” industries that present well for those wanting to get into this market at the early stages of potential.

Vietnam provides a safe and stable environment to do business but requires a strong understanding of the business environment. The AVCC and its Vietnamese based members are well placed to help attain success.

As the world re-opens over the next twelve months, “early to market” businesses will avail themselves of the best opportunities for two-way trade and investment.