The Australian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce (SA) Incorporated - AVCC - is a not for profit member based association incorporated in South Australia to promote trade between Vietnam and Australia. With a specific focus on South Australia, we aim to develop and strengthen trade and cultural understanding for the benefit of members in Australia and Vietnam.

Established in 1994 AVCC is currently embarking on renewed activities to identify opportunities for businesses in Australia wishing to trade with the fast developing Vietnamese economy. Our membership comprises Australian and Vietnamese businesses and provides a vital link in building strong relationships resulting in mutually successful outcomes. We have personnel who have a comprehensive understanding of the Vietnamese market with members who are based in Vietnam and fully understand the complexities of doing business there.

In 2022 we are aiming to take trade missions to Vietnam. This will of course depend upon the status of Covid-19 and the respective governments permitting such travel. As the world re-opens over the next twelve months, “early to market” businesses will avail themselves of the best opportunities for trade and investment.

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Membership is open to individuals and entities interested in developing strong cultural and business relationships with Vietnam. Members can be based in Australia and Vietnam.

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April 23, 2024

Urgent callout for more wine

“The strong interest is welcomed,” said David Dean, president of the Australian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce (SA) [AVCC]. “However, registrations for 263 attendees for the industry tastings in Ho Chi Minh City and HaNoi for shiraz and cabernet sauvignon have forced us to make calls for additional stock.”
April 15, 2024


An 11-winery trade mission to Vietnam this week from South Australia aims to boost sales in the fast-growing Vietnam wine market with revenues of US$229.20m in 2023 and a volume increase of 2.5 percent this year.
March 12, 2024

6-Day Trade and Business Mission

Program activities include Austrade market briefings, in-market visits, introduction to major supermarkets, wine distributors and retail outlets. Included are major South Australian Wine Tastings in HoChiMinh City and HaNoi targeting key alcohol beverage trade personnel.

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